Retro-G System - Adding ROMS (games)

ROMs (Read-Only-Memory) are images of the games, which you can pre-load on various systems, including the Retro-G mini-NES unit. If you wish to add more games to the unit, it can be easily done! All you need to do is download more ROMs / ROM collection(s), load it to the correct place on the microSD card, scan, and you are ready to play! Here is how you do it using the Retro-G system, for which you will only need an internet connection!

Follow these instructions:
  - Boot to Raspbian, open web browser (Round berry button at the top-left, select “Internet” >> “Chromium Web Browser”)
  - Search and Download the ROM(s) / ROM collection(s) [just google: “where to get lakka roms” or similar]
  - The file will save to “Downloads”. Extract it if you downloaded an archive. (right-click >> “Extract Here”)
  - Now you need to mount the microSD partition with ROMs, click on the Round berry button at the top-left, select “Accessories” >> “Terminal”, in Terminal, type out 2 commands (hit Enter after each command):
      - sudo mkdir /media/roms/
      - sudo mount /dev/mmcblk0p9 /media/upload/
  - Now, in File Manager (Round berry button at the top-left, select “Accessories” >> “File Manager”)
  - Browse to: //media/roms/roms/
  - Each folder contains games collections for your system
  - To add a new “Collection”, create a new folder and name it as your wish, then copy the ROM files in it from “Downloads”. Each ROM (game) will have .zip extension, DO NOT EXTRACT IT, THAT’s HOW IT SHOULD BE
  - Once you are done adding ROMs, reboot and boot to Lakka_RPI2
  - Once booted, go to: “Load Content” >> “Collections” >> “Scan Directory” >> “NAME OF YOUR DIRECTORY” >> “Scan This Directory”, once it’s done scanning, look for your newly added ROMs under “Collections”, please note: It may appear different from how you named the folder where you copied the ROMs and Not all ROMs may be compatible and load!

You can also do it using a separate Linux computer or even a Windows computer, for windows you will need to use Paragon ExtFS software:

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