Retro Computing Refurbishing and Gaming Nostalgia

Would you like to go back in time? Remember those good old days? We do! And so can you.

We absolutely love to hunt for old retro and very-very old computers/laptops/consoles/etc. and refurbish them! That brings nostalgia and lots of satisfaction when we finally get them back to life! :)

Since we are not collectors, but technicians, we would like to offer these priceless pieces of history to you, so you can go back and refresh your memories.

With so much modern plastic quiet technology today, sometimes you just want to get your hands on that bulky metal noisy beast of the past. In fact, in our haste in looking forward, we too often forget the past...

But, enough sentiments. We will slightly describe how we restore these machines and what we put on them and also provide you with our tips/usage guide as well:

>> Retro PC - Usage Tips Guide <<

  • With all the computers we get our hands on - we check to make sure all the hardware is working and replace the CMOS battery if needed. If it is a vintage laptop - we usually replace the laptop battery as well. If something is not working or missing - we will always state that in the description of the item!

  • Most of the systems will require PS2 keyboard, mouse and VGA connector monitors. We can supply you with the appropriate: Monitor Display (LCD), Keyboard and Mouse, PC speakers. Please Contact Us if you have any questions on this or would like to purchase the needed peripherals from us.

    If you would like these bulky old large white monitors, we suggest to check on Craiglist, as these will be extremely heavy to ship, the monitors we provide are LCD and mostly black colored, industry standards...

  • As for the software, we pre-install the most compatible operating system for which there are drivers out there, load all the drivers, pre-install old MS Office and last but not least: load a nice collection of games!
    *** Please note: depending on the computer type, we may be limited on the amount of games we can pre-load, the amount of games will vary: 25-179

  • The games we pre-load are from: 1980s, 1990s and the very beginning of 2000s and no longer require a license

  • If available, we will install a sound blaster card for a more vintage retro sound and pre-load the drivers for it

  • If we decide that a computer is more suitable for loading Lakka on it (emulation linux based operating system, with which you can play almost any type of console game) - we will load Lakka with a nice big game collection!

  • Once, again, be sure to check out our tips/usage guide: Retro PC - Usage Tips Guide

  • You can also ask us any questions you have directly via our Contact Form

    Computer Description Template:
  • Computer Type: LAPTOP/DESKTOP
  • Hardware Specs/Replacements: 
  • Sound System: SOUND BLASTER (includes PC SPEAKER option)/PC SPEAKER (no sound blaster)
  • Operating System: 
  • Pre-loaded Software: MS Office
  • Games Collection: 

If you have a retro PC you want repaired or a custom PC build you want us to do, please contact us via our Contact Form

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