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Booting with USB Thumb Drives

With many newer computers (desktops and laptops), you may need to do some adjustments to BIOS settings to be able to boot with USB thumb drive! See below.

We suggest to start with this one (for specific models - see below): Generic Legacy USB Booting Instructions
-DELL Legacy USB Booting Instructions
-HP Legacy USB Booting Instructions
-Intel Legacy USB Booting Instructions
-SONY Legacy USB Booting Instructions
-Lenovo Legacy Boot Instructions

      IT utilities collected on this USB drive were carefully picked and tested for every need you may have. Virus and malware removal, cleanup, maintenance, diagnosis of the problem, complete hardware information, drivers pack, deleted data recovery/backup and much more will be available at your hands! Many utilities are bootable – letting you fix your computer at the worst times, especially when viruses damage bootable files and/or file structures! Please check on the description for each tool to get more instructions, otherwise many tools are intuitive and require average computer knowledge.

      When using non-bootable method (with operating system loaded) all the IT utilities are in “Utils\IT Utilities and Applications” folder, DriverPack is in “Utils\DriverPack” on the flash drive.

    What’s Included:
  • BOOTABLE: Microsoft Windows 10 PE Disk – Windows recovery and troubleshooting tools
  • BOOTABLE: Boot Repair Disk – repairs unbootable computer – automated
  • BOOTABLE: Ophcrack – Windows Vista / 7 / 10 password retrieval, reset and recovery
  • BOOTABLE: Windows Password Reset Utility – decrypt/reset/recover Windows password
  • BOOTABLE: Linux OS
  • IT Utilities and Applications – apps and tools are carefully categorized and named intuitively
  • Driver Pack – huge collection of drivers for all Windows versions – install/upgrade!
  •    A little more info on the DriverPack newest 2017 release:
    DriverPack Solution is your one-stop solution to get all the devices on a system, updated with latest drivers regardless of the availability of an internet connection. Drivers are the mandatory part of a device to function properly and up to the mark, hence there must be a compatibility between a device and the drivers, so DriverPack is with a mission to deliver hassle free access to an automated way of finding out the right driver and to install them straight away on a Windows based Computer system (Windows XP, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10)

    System requirements:
  • PC Computer (any brand) with USB 2.0 / 3.0 port which can boot with USB drive
  •    *** Sometimes you may need to adjust your BIOS settings to allow booting with USB!

  • Bootable USB ability only needed for bootable tools
  • NO internet connection required, everything you need is on the USB drive!

    INSTRUCTIONS: How to boot with USB drive:

    (it may sometimes not boot or give errors when trying to boot into utilities, in such case, please shut down the computer, then try booting with USB again)

    Apple MAC / Macintosh

  • Turn on the computer and immediately hold Option / Alt key, then select: “Windows”

  • PC / Windows

  • Restart your computer and wait for that first screen to pop up. Often, it'll say something like "Press F12 to Choose Boot Device" somewhere on the screen. Start tapping that key. If for any reason it won’t work – restart your PC and try again.

  • Please note, for different computer brands, there may be different key for triggering the boot medium: The key is usually "F1," F2," F10," "Del" or "Esc.", here is the list of common brands and the corresponding boot menu keys:
  •     >> ACER: Esc, F9, F12

        >> Apple: Option / Alt key

        >> ASUS: Esc, F8

        >> COMPAQ: Esc, F9

        >> DELL: F12

        >> EMACHINES: F12

        >> HP: Esc, F9

        >> INTEL: F10

        >> IBM LENOVO: F12 (or Fn+F12), F10, F8

        >> NEC: F5

        >> PACKARD BELL: F8

        >> SAMSUNG: Esc, F12

        >> SONY: F10, F11

        >> TOSHIBA: F12

  • Once the menu comes up, select the USB option and press Enter.
  •     It may show: “Press any key to boot from USB” during which you have several seconds to press any key to continue - please observe the computer screen if it asks for it.

Bootable Utilities Included:

Windows Pre-installation Environment (Windows PE) 10 [Need at least 2GB RAM to run]

Windows PE 10 is a minimal Windows 10 operating system with a huge amount of utilities for getting your computer back up and running. Removing hardcode malware and viruses, which prevent you from booting to your operating system or run an antivirus, fixing the windows boot files, retrieving/restoring data, installing drivers, checking on your hardware specs, remote control, and many many other tools. You can also connect to the internet via Windows PE and use TeamViewer remote control tool for IT professionals to remote into your machine and get it repaired!

Some of the powerful tools included on the bootable medium:

• Acronis TrueImage (backup/restore)
• AOMEI Backupper (backup/restore)
• AOMEI Partition Assistant (partition your hard drive)
• Acrylic Wi-Fi (connect to internet via Wi-Fi or via the network cable)
• Chrome/Firefox explorers to browse the internet if needed
• Computer Management
• CMD Command Prompt - MSDOS command interface
• Device Manager
• EasyBCD - Edit your BOOT MENU and repair the MBR/Boot record
• FSCapture (take screenshots professionaly)
• HWiNFO System Hardware Specs - find out all the hardware installed in the computer
• ISO/CD/DVD Burning Abilities
• Macrium Reflect - Fix Windows Boot Problems
• Malwarebytes Anti-Malware Anti-Virus (remove all the powerful viruses and the malware from your computer when it gets to - the point when your system files are infected and or the viruses won't let you run your anti-virus software)
• NTPWEdit - Windows Password Unlock/Change utilit
• Power Data Recovery - Undelete your files, Lost partition recovery, Damaged partition recovery, digital media recovery (recover your pictures, audio, video)
• Process Monitor
• ShowKeyPlus - Retrieve your windows activation key, so you can re-activated if re-install is needed and you don't have the cd-key saved anywhere
• System Properties
• TeamViewer - Remote Control Application (you can get a professional IT tech to remote in and do the necessary on the machine where you boot from WinPE10!)
• TechBench ISO Downloader - download microsoft ISOS overt the internet (Windows, Office)
• VLC Player - audio/video player if needed
• WordPad
And much more...

Boot Repair Disk – repairs unbootable computer

Repairs boot partition(s) when you system is completely non-bootable, does not require any advanced IT knowledge – just boot with the USB drive and run!

• Can recover access to Windows (XP, Vista, Windows7, Windows8, Windows10).
• Can recover access to Debian, Ubuntu, Mint, Fedora, OpenSuse, ArchLinux...
• Can recover access to any OS (Windows, MacOS, Linux..) if your PC contains Debian, Ubuntu, Mint, Fedora, OpenSuse, ArchLinux, or derivative.
• Can repair MBR-locked OEM computer boot if the original bootsector has been saved by Clean-Ubiquity
• Can repair the boot when you have the "GRUB Recovery" error message
• Options to reinstall GRUB2/GRUB1 bootloader easily (OS by default, purge, unhide, kernel options..)

and much more ! (UEFI, SecureBoot, RAID, LVM, Wubi, filesystem repair...)

Ophcrack – Wins Vista / 7 / 10 password reset and recovery

Ophcrack is a Windows password cracker based on rainbow tables. It is a very efficient implementation of rainbow tables done by the inventors of the method. It comes with a Graphical User Interface and runs on multiple platforms.

Find more info / specs HERE!

Windows Password Reset Utility (to actually reset password may take some time to execute)

Supports Windows versions: Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows ME, Windows 2000

Reset Windows Password was developed for decrypting, resetting, changing and recovering Windows logon passwords and unlocking user account. For example, when the Administrator’s password is lost or forgotten. Reset Windows Password stands for the most functionally richest solution in its class. The program supports all versions of Windows, works with Active Directory, possesses artificial intelligence skills for recovering passwords instantly to certain accounts, can load hard disk drivers "on the fly" and demonstrates a number of additional unique features.

Linux OS

Just in case you simply need to boot into a working Live OS where you can use the internet and other various tools.

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