Memory Drive Storage Organizer Case - Wooden - Secure - 12 slots

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      External hard drives are slowly going away. Every day – flash drives get more powerful, provide more storage space and get more affordable! While there are cloud options for storing your data, there are no guarantees it won’t get lost or stolen. With USB flash drives you can rest assure your data is only accessibly by you and is always available without the need for internet connection. Now you’d probably like your stuff organized and this is where memory thumb flash USB drive organizer box comes in! It’s a convenient nice wooden box with a lock and key, where your USB flash drives can be stored securely, protecting the USB connector tips and overall protection from dust in a transparent box! In fact you can also store SD cards (all sizes), small PC peripherals and whatever small electronics which will fit - will bit protected!

      Now, this is something can be used by anybody, but what if you are an IT professional? Well, I am! This was a long time problem for me with organizing my USB flash drives. As an IT professional or someone who requires the usage of flash drives for data storage and transfer you probably have an idea on the issue. My flash drives were usually in a regular box, mixed up, loosing protective caps, unorganized and always getting lost… Not only I had an issue at my home, but at the company where I worked we had tons of operating system / software flash drives which were all over the place and it was usually impossible to find the needed flash drive! I was looking for a solution to this problem and couldn’t find what I needed; therefore I decided to come up with my own. I have spent numerous hours to come up with the best concept (it seems pretty straight forward, but along the way it didn’t seem so), which would be as simple as possible, yet effective it worked out very well. I myself no longer have issues with organizing my USB flash drives, which I use almost daily as an IT professional. I made a box for personal stuff and one specifically for IT tools. It really helps me stay on track and be the most productive I can be!

Pricing (explanation)

      There has been many questions and feedback on the high pricing for our cases. As much as we would love to sell it for very love price, there are several things to take in consideration. While similar fabric-based pouches may cost much cheaper, in our cases we use expensive high quality anti-static foam (anti-static foam protects electronics components from being destroyed by static electricity which may be easily generated in fabric-based pouches or in standard/cheap foam) and sturdy plastic, wooden and aluminum cases which won't fall apart or get torn in the next 1-2 months. Our main goal is quality and effectiveness of our products, which in the long run will definitely satisfy you - our customer!

Memory Drive Organizer USB Storage Box - Wood - 12 slots
  • Internal Dimensions (inside space) (HxWxL): 3.5” x 3.75” x 6.5”
    External Dimensions (the whole case, including latch, sidings, etc.) (HxWxL): 4” x 4.75” x 7”
  • Nice looking wooden, light weight, secure locking latch with the key case
  • Durable and secure Anti-Static/Shock Protective Foam - 12 USB slots
  • Organize and store USB thumb drives, SD/mini/microSD memory cards, small computer | audio and electronics peripherals, adapters, small parts, etc.!
  • Great for family memories storage, IT professionals, designers, journalists, kids, anyone!
  • If you additionally need to label items stored in the case, we suggest: Mark em' - White matte 1” x 0.375” sticky labels (Product ID: OL5400) at
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